Bridgeway Accelerator scaleup! Program 42 Rules and Standards of Participation

You must agree to the Bridgeway Company Registration and Rules and Standards of Participation to be accepted to attend Bridgeway Accelerator Scaleup! Program 42.


Bridgeway Accelerator is an acceleration/investment program for early-stage startups. Bridgeway Accelerator Programs take place in San Diego, New York and Belgrade. Our goal is to take companies from the concept to a capital access position in a 3-month program.




Founders that want to attend Bridgeway Accelerator Scaelup! Program 42 are accepted on a rolling basis for dates that are posted online. You agree that you are registering on behalf of the organization listed in the “Organization Name” field, and that you have the authority to do so. Bridgeway Company is not responsible for lost or late registrations, or for electronic transmission errors, regardless of cause. Accepted registrants will be notified by email at the email address that was used to submit the registration. You agree that Bridgeway Company may contact you by phone or other methods of communication concerning your application. All registration and attendee information you provide for attendance at the Scaleup! Program 42 will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which can be found at: .

All decisions made by Bridgeway Company are final and review results are confidential. Attendees will be selected based on the review criteria set forth above in Bridgeway Company’s sole discretion.

Reasons for Disqualification

Your registration may not be considered for Bridgeway Accelerator Scaleup! Program 42 if it does not follow all eligibility and submission requirements. In addition, Bridgeway Company reserves the right to disqualify your current and/or future registration, or withhold or revoke your attendance offer to Bridgeway Accelerator Scaleup! Program 42 and/or other Bridgeway Company programs or events at any time if:

  • Any part of your submission is untrue, plagiarized, or fabricated;

  • You engage in or previously engaged in harassment or other harmful behavior directed at Bridgeway Company employees, Bridgeway Company expert or mentor, other applicants, or Bridgeway Accelerator Scaleup! Program 42  attendees;

  • You are accepted to Bridgeway Accelerator  Scaleup! Program 42 and do not claim the attendance offer by the deadline, or claim the attendance offer but do not attend Bridgeway Accelerator Scaleup! Program 42, unless otherwise agreed by Bridgeway Company;

  • You, directly or indirectly, commit any act intended to interfere with Bridgeway Accelerator Scaleup! Program 42; or

  • You (or your company) fail to comply with these terms and conditions.


Program's structure

Bridgeway Accelerator Scaleup! Program 42 has been conceived as a 2-phase acceleration program:

Scaling up Readiness self-assessment tool

Prior to the start of the program, you will be asked to complete and submit an online Scaling Up Readiness Self-Assessment Tool. This will enable you to get a better sense of what your business scale-up challenges and opportunities are composed of financial status, operations, strategy, environment, human resources and company culture questions, the tool prepares you for your scaleup efforts.

Growth plan and mentoring

Throughout the program, you will work on your organization’s Growth Plan. You will walk through a recommended Growth Plan at the program start. You can then build and complete your own Growth Plan as you go through the program courses. 

Up to 35 scaleups/SMEs with a solid product and market potential will access the program. This program is dedicated to building solid partnerships and detecting real investment opportunities for the top companies in the call. The projects will be encouraged to gain enough traction for the next investment phase in terms of sales, prospects, users, markets and customers.

Timeline: Bridgeway Accelerator Scaleup! Program 42 is a 3-month long program, from December till the end of February. 


Location: Companies will be working remotely with dedicated Program managers, Bridgeway Accelerator team and Bridgeway network of experts, partners and investors.


If the opportunity arises for the physical presence of the founders the opportunity will be presented to the founders. Founders can solely decide if they will accept the opportunity or decline with no bearing of staying in the program. The projects will be encouraged to gain enough traction for the next investment phase in terms of sales, prospects, users, markets and customers.

After the Program is over

All startups that fulfill the whole program, become part of The Bridgeway’s portfolio, enjoying a wide range of benefits including access to the Bridgeway Company's network of corporations, investors and experts.

Once the program is finalized, Bridgeway Company holds the right, but not the obligation, to co-invest in the project together with other stakeholders.

Information rights

The startup that enters the Bridgeway Acceleration Scaleup! Program 42 is already registered or will be registered and it will be referred to as Founded Company.

Bridgeway Company shall receive:

o    A monthly report in the form agreed between Bridgeway Company and Founded Company (including monthly financial results, achieving set goals/milestones and possible delays or changes to plans or development activities;
o    Monthly plan of use of proceeds;
o    Consolidated annual financial statements and annual report within two months after the year-end; 
o    Detailed financial and business plan until the end of the current year. 

A representative of Bridgeway Company appointed by the Bridgeway Company will participate in monthly meetings with the Founded Company's key persons. At any point in time, Bridgeway Company reserves the right to require additional information. 


Bridgeway Company reserves the right to demand an independent audit of the Founded Company's books. The cost of an audit is borne by the Founded Company. The auditor shall be selected or approved by the Bridgeway Company.

Bridgeway Company reserves the right to appoint an external accounting firm to the Founded Company or if the accounting is handled by the Founded Company, to appoint the accounting team. This right will be valid as long as the Bridgeway Company holds a vested interest in the Company.

Representations and warranties

The definitive Investment Agreement will include standard representations and warranties of the Founded Company, its founders and management that the information given and the documentation submitted in the process of the due diligence are true and complete. Representations and warranties will primarily be given with regard to the Founded Company's good standing, financial statements, management reports and business plan, ownership of the assets, employment agreements, intellectual property, option and reward plans, insurances, guarantees, loans, tax issues and similar. 

In the event there are non-disclosed liabilities or expenses incurred by the Founded Company prior to the Investment, existing owners (Founders) are obliged to settle such expenses or liabilities.


Written form


All the parties agree that only agreements concluded in writing and signed by all parties to such an agreement shall be binding. 

The Founders hereby confirm that no assurances with respect to the investment or terms of the investment were given by the Bridgeway Company.



All parties, including Bridgeway Accelerator 42 Staff, Advisors and Mentors shall maintain strict confidentiality over any proprietary information entrusted to them by founders.

All information and advice generated or received in connection with mentoring activities is presumed to be confidential and should be treated as such.

Founder alone determines whether to make a disclosure of confidential information.

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