Michael Mirko Tadic

Michael Mirko Tadic, managing partner at Bridgeway Innovation, Venture Builder and Accelerator, Innovator, Guest Lecturer, Investor. Master of Science in Applied Physics and Material Science, studied Ai, Robotics, and Innovation Management @Stanford University, @University of Helsinki, @Belgrade University and @Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Over 20 years of coalition-building with multicultural experience through extensive cooperation over multi ventures, institutions and the US, European and Asia research projects. Led corporate and university Innovation and R&D teams. His key areas of expertise are open innovation ecosystems, fundraising, scaling up, AI, machine learning, robotics, blockchain, extended reality, and smart city&living.

He believes in the future made better by education, health progress, eco-awareness and social business.



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EVENTS - Michael Mirko Tadic - past and upcoming speaking engagements


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Michael Mirko Tadic 

Key Note Speaker - Life Science from Venture Capital Point of View.

Life Science and Technology Summit 2020

20-22 February 2020, Miami, USA

Experience the world-class research output in Life Science and Technology


Life Science and Technology Summit 2020

Michael Mirko Tadic 

Lead VC Evaluator

Europe Startup Challenge 2020

16th January 2020, Berlin

Europe Startup Challenge 2020 - Startup Competition is Europe's largest and most recognized startup competition.

Europe Startup Challenge 2020

The South East Europe Innovation Summit 2019 is an invite-only event that brings together brilliant minds interested in innovation and the smart living & technology revolution to discuss and explore the latest trends in the world of change.


Bridgeway Company Accelerator opens its doors to 24 companies and 35 founders for the beginning of Bridgeway Accelerator Program 42. The program is designed to provide technology creators with the tools needed to thrive in today’s global economy. 

Bridgeway Accelerator Program 42 Kicks off
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Microbiomics Market - Key Insights from Venture Capital Point of View
Mirko Tadic, Bridgeway Europe Startup Accelerator

Startup Pitch and Fundraising Workshop 

AIRS - International Conference and Exhibition on Genomics and Microbiomics - Barcelona

Michael Mirko Tadic 

29 March 9.30-11.00 Robotics and Safety First

Horasis  The Global Visions Community 

Global Meeting 28-31 March 2020, Cascais, Portugal 

Innovating Decisive Leadership through Times of Disruption 


Horasis Global Meeting

Michael Mirko Tadic 

Bootcamp Mentorship Session

Workshop - Productivity Hacks & Tools For Startups in 2019

European Space Week - Copernicus Accelerator Bootcamp 2019 Helsinki

Think is for Thinkers.

Innovation stems not from individuals working in isolation, but from an energetic dialogue between diverse disciplines. Inspiration lives at the intersection of humanity and technology, people and products, intelligence and emotion, art and science, design and business.


Live Q&A with Michael Mirko Tadic, Torrey Pines State Reserve

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