"Time is money", as the philosopher Sir Francis Bacon said, towards the end of the fifteenth century. But I am not happy with this OLD story. First, because philosophers are people of a mortal BOREDOM (almost all of them). And then because time-money is a story of a mortal BOREDOM.

Sharing is money! The EXCITING story is here.

Money circulates faster than in the past, but not as smoothly as information. Today we have the technology to SYNCHRONIZE any movement of money with the incessant flow of data. The result is a SCALABLE value production system.

It simply means: we move BITS much faster than in the past, then we turn them into MONEY.

Any doubts about the scalability of the system? Think that there are many bits to move, so a LOT OF MONEY to earn for everyone. Your COMPANY has to gain by entering the system and SHARING its database. Your GOVERNMENT and my GOVERNMENT have to gain by entering the system and SHARING Open Data.

The technology to move money in sync with information is called AI+5G, which is Artificial Intelligence plus Fifth Generation mobile networks.

It's our DReeeM, or the dream we dream together.

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