Ask the expert - Data Behind the VC decisions

Wed, Sep 11 | New York

Live Q&A with Richard Montgomeri, Quantitative Research with Bridgeway Company

Time & From Location Remotely

Sep 11, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM EDTNew York, New York, NY, USA

About the Event

Data Behind the VC decisions

• Why VCs invest at Different Stages Early Stage 

• Founder focused 

• Let's talk numbers -  Risk and product market/fit 

• What will the VC own of your company 

• “Traditional” VC 

• Team focused 

• Traction and scaling risk (sales and marketing) 

• Exit risk 

• How big can the Market become 

• IPO windows and acquisition potential 

• The mix of VCs, PE, Public investors (mutual funds)

This is the general idea behind this Session. But, really, ask your questions.

They will be answered by our ''Genius - numbers guy'', Richard Montgomeri.

You can click and 'appear' in the session here.

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