Bridgeway Accelerator Program 42 Kicks off

Bridgeway Program Accelerator 42 Provides Unprecedented Access to Engineers, Business and Marketing Expertise

Founders to Create a New Value and Create New Markets

Today, Bridgeway Company Accelerator opens its doors to 24 companies and 35 founders for the beginning of Bridgeway Accelerator Program 42. The program is designed to provide technology creators with the tools needed to thrive in today’s global economy.

An industry first, Bridgeway Accelerator Program 42 is a 3 plus 3 months immersive program where participants work one-on-one with Bridgeway Company experts and mentors to significantly accelerate their companies. The program also includes sessions on design, technology, and marketing, as well as ongoing guidance and support from a Bridgeway Company Innovation Experts. The curriculum will help founders take advantage of Bridgeway Company's expertise in cutting-edge technologies. Each participating company will also take advantage of the investment opportunity at the end of the program and membership to the Bridgeway Company Network.

“The Bridgeway Accelerator Program is the new digital Phd, and creative founders are tapping into the vast potential of the global economy.”

“In the past, starting a small business often meant having to invest in overhead, inventory or retail space. Today, a world of opportunity opens up with some coding skills and an entrepreneurial spirit,” said Matthew Torrence, Bridgeway Company’s Innovation expert @Bridgeway Company. “The Bridgeway Accelerator Program is the new digital Phd, and creative founders are tapping into the vast potential of the global economy. We hope that this program helps to inspire founders around the world to learn to make products and services that are loved around the globe, join the entrepreneurial community and share in the thriving technology-driven economy.”

The companies selected for the Bridgeway Accelerator Program 42 are: Vron, Press Sports App, Eliminatore, Phrenzi, Eloisa Technologies, a-Qube, Scan and Buy, Workngopro, Warehod, FERT experienced solutions, Dateouts, Seven, VRLab Academy, Vizrefra, Kibus Petcare, Opportumeety, Vitruvian Metrics, Rente, Pocket Dr, Techaldo, My Different Place, Zero Mika Startup, Titan Exchange, UR Beauty.

Bridgeway Accelerator Program 42 will hold sessions on a yearly basis, with up to 25 app companies accepted for each round. To be admitted to the program, technology-driven businesses can be founded anywhere in the world and focus on the AI, Big Data, Enhanced Reality, Blockchain, Gamification or Robotics technology. They must also have a concept or prototype. For more information on Bridgeway Company Bridgeway Accelerator Program 42 visit

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