Bridgeway's Program Accelerator 42 closing first phase on December 1st

Bridgeway's Program Accelerator 42 is a global program and features a one-to-one consultation session that gives founders the opportunity to consult a Bridgeway expert directly.

Bridgeway has welcomed founders from all over the world into Bridgeway's Program Accelerator 42. The accelerator will provide a unique opportunity for founders across the globe to work side-by-side with Bridgeway experts to hone their business and technical development skills and take their products to the next level. Founders will learn how to use Bridgeway's latest technology and distribute and promote their products to users around the world.

Globally local founders have launched a number of companies that lead the world in the technology area, and we are proud to take this opportunity to help them grow,” said Mirko Tadic, managing partner at Bridgeway Company. ”From AI to Robotics to Enhanced Reality, we have seen many amazing innovations in the participating companies. We look forward to these talented founders being able to grow and create new products and services with our help.”

Bridgeway kicked off the accelerator program by focusing on specific founders' needs.

Bridgeway kicked off the Accelerator program by focusing on founders' needs.

Companies that are Bridgeway Accelerator Program 42 participants are Vron, Press Sports App, Eliminatore, Phrenzi, Eloisa Technologies, a-Qube, Scan and Buy, Workngopro, Warehod, FERT experienced solutions, Dateouts, Seven, VRLab Academy, Vizrefra, Kibus Petcare, Opportumeety, Vitruvian Metrics, Rente, Pocket Dr, Techaldo, My Different Place, Zero Mika Startup, Titan Exchange, UR Beauty.

With operation in San Diego, New York, and Belgrade, the accelerator serves as a communication center for founders of all platforms and sizes, and other members of the entrepreneurial community. Communication and learning are the focus of all activities.

And with One-Goal-To-Rule-Them-All - Build and Scale Successful Business.

The Accelerator also offers a variety of activities, including lectures, seminars, labs, guest speakers, instructor training, and investing.

The accelerator will serve as a communication center for founders of all sizes and platforms.

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