Fertes Founder - Fulvio Canazza

Here’s my story as founder, my teammates, and FERTES, my startup…

Me < Y2K

Pioneering machine learning (reti neurali) applied to finance.

This paper, dated 1997, discussed how to use ANN on exchange rates in order to improve RiskMetrics performances.

Y2K < 2017

Working 18 years at a MNC’s meant:

  • Career (I left as Executive)

  • Travels (was part of international teams, experience as PM in France)

  • Projects (I handled projects for more than 50MEUR)

  • Responsibilities (coordinating implementation teams of around 20 experts)

  • Great holidays and long terms plans with my girlfriend

  • but…

...I was looking for something else

Me 2017 < 2018

Looping back to my old studies at University...

Returned to my papers on RNA and meet the old professor, who supported me at the very early stage, and

I started the journey with learning Python and coding TensorFlow

Me 2019/20

After a period of 2 years, we are getting ready to get out and propose a solution, and the story is going to change thanks to the support of incubators and accelerators, such as: Bridgeway, MiP, and 2i3T

It’s the time to bring activities to the next stage:

• developments are now focused on standardization, robustness and deployability of the system; web interfaces and api to build

• we’re approaching potential customers and identify what they want and how much are willing to pay for, via direct contacts, fairs and social media presence

• and start the developments of the final solutions for the markets

But unfortunately, this risks to bring us to get quickly out of money :-)

We 2019/20

Me (of course), but that’s not all

  • My girlfriend (she’s always supporting me)

  • The Matteos (a great developer and a great salesman and IT enthusiastic)

  • The Professor (he’s the AI #1 in Turin and always provides great inputs)

  • Marco, Carla & Team (owners of IT enterprises supporting our networking)

  • the guys at the incubators 2i3t and MiP of Turin (strongly believing in us)

  • Our potential partners and clients (here is where we get feedbacks and new inputs)

and myy network and my own town (motivating and /or de-motivating but always keeping us close to the ground)

We >= 2020

for FERT experienced solutions it’s the time of getting incorporated

Our Mission

find, develop and apply the most innovative and intelligent solutions in the grouds of Artificial Intelligence, Maths, Social and Computer Science to the field of predictions.

Our Vision

become a recognizable brand and the most known and immigrate company for AI solutions applied to financial markets.

We want to develop the most accurate, sensible and effective predictive algorithms for finance.

the customers we’ll serve...

B2B : officina FERTES

We want to approach Banks, Financial Institutions and Brokers to offer our know-how and visionary tools to make the best predictions on short term market movements.

The problem our solution will solve is to reduce their costs and improve their attraction for customers

B2C: fertes.eu

Private investors and traders.

The main problem that we want to solve, for this audience, is that keeping their money in the Banks or Funds normally don't produce any gains, but losses

... what our solution is about

  • B2B : officina FERTES

Algorithms deployable from marketplaces (eg QuantConnect)

APIs to connect to FERTES

Tailored, craft algorithms built at customers sites

  • B2C: fertes.eu

FERTES website with a public and a premium accesses

algorithms deployable from marketplaces (eg Sella Bank)

(and a social trading APP in phase2)

.. definitely with great performances

so that your initial problem, if it was related to your own ROI, could be somehow reduced.


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My best whishes and thanks to Bridgeway, its community and network for the great experience. Have great and innovative winter holidays, Fulvio

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