Ideas are Worthless

Let’s start this way: ideas are worthless.

Imagine you’re sitting at a café with a friend, enjoying a chat, deep in the conversation and then… you have an idea. That one thing which could really make an impact, shake the status quo, make a difference.

Well, it could — if only you knew the right people, or had enough time—and if you had the money, of course. It’s not like you can offer your friend a coffee, or go out there creating something new paying it with an idea. You need money for that.

Let’s restart, go back to the beginning: let’s imagine a place where ideas do have value.

Where ideas are actual currency. A place in which during your conversation, you can simply tell your friend, ‘this one is on me’, go to the cashier and pay for the coffee in exchange for a part of your idea. Sounds good, no?

Well, that’s where a-Qube started from.

We live in a high-speed, hyper-innovative, digital society — the world has truly become a ‘global village’, yet, ideas remain underrated. Sure, we need ideas to inspire us to get up each morning, we need them to carry out a specialized job, to communicate with people, to coordinate a team, to post a meditative selfie on Instagram, and ultimately, to provide proof of-humanity in the ongoing Turing test.

However, Ideas have no market for themselves, only if they are packed into a specific role — in a corporation, a problem-solving exercise, or a specific production need. They are not profitable on their own, they are not an asset. We can’t use them as a medium of exchange. We need a sound currency for that. Only issue: currencies have no inner value. From gold to fat to bitcoin, the only value they have is the value we attribute to them, in order to exchange them for equal value.

Now imagine a society where ideas were the only currency. If your innovative idea were to be represented as a token which you could exchange for anything, what would you do with it? How would you spend your token? Imagine a marketplace of ideas, where innovation is not siloed in boxes, produced and packaged somewhere in a series of small cubicles within a gigantic corporation, but rather self-organized… human. Where real people ideate and develop the products which real people are going to use. A chain of innovation based on a human layer, where ideas are the currency used to transact value between each other.

The core concept of the ‘Marketplace of Ideas’ refers to the freedom of expression analogous with a free market environment, and it states that the truth — as in true value — will emerge from a transparent competition of ideas in a free market, where the participants establish the relevance of an idea for the benefit of the community in a meritocratic process, based on a public vote.

That is exactly what we are building.

Using Game Theory, Blockchain technology, and Storytelling tools, a-Qube is building the first decentralized Marketplace of Ideas, a peer-to-peer Mobile Incubator where Ideas have value and all the participants are rewarded in a meritocratic way, based on the value of their contribution established by the community. We rely on a proprietary Consensus Algorithm and a mathematical predictive model in order to break the prototyping process into easy executable, self-filtering tasks and turn innovative Ideas into Profitable Assets.

An open-source, self-organizing ecosystem where ideas are treated as structural patterns of the Market, giving back the control of solutions to the end-users — and the power to create, influence and ultimately challenge the Market.

So let’s restart from the beginning one last time: you, your friend, the café, and your idea which will change everything.

a-Qube is creating a place where ideas have value. The next coffee is on us.

Mr. & Mrs. A

Turn your Ideas into Profitable Assets

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