The economic recession, triggered by the pandemic, exacerbates social inequalities. From now on, more and more people will suffer from the decline in the level of EDUCATION and will no longer be able to escape POVERTY. All this is intolerable and generates political instability, since no remedy seems to work.

It has been seen that granting unlimited monetary resources to the "rich" does not generate cascading benefits (more employment, more income, more consumption, more production). Chinese-branded State capitalism breeds TRADE WARS. Just two examples of alleged remedies that caused disasters.

We need 1 plan – whether it's ONE - in the long run and working NOW. Unfortunately, no politician remains in office long enough to realize or even just to conceive such a plan, while among companies of all types and sizes dominates the concept of short-term PROFIT (close the quarterly accounts).

We as deal with Fintech, Civic Tech and Democracy Tech and... YES: today we see a danger to democracy in the world.

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