Money never sleeps by Milad Hassani

Money never sleeps, and neither does Blockchain. Progress never stops, everything is evolving, and our project is no exception. I am very pleased to introduce myself as the founder behind the project, how it came to be and have evolved over time plus the new directions we are looking to take in the future. - says Milad Hassani, founder of Titan Exchange.

Money never sleeps, and neither does Blockchain

My background is in the financial industry and Information systems and as a passionate trader, I know how what it is for a trader to have instant access to all types of financial markets, instruments, liquidity providers, etc. in a unified ecosystem! If you could imagine trading as a video game, you can think of these as your coolest gadgets and tools, whoever holds the best tools will benefit in the game assuming he knows what he is doing in the field. Being a techy and having studied both Finance and Information systems I decided to develop such tools and gadgets in the form of a trading platform, over the discussions on the architecture and design of the system a close friend came and said, look into cryptocurrencies! So we started to look at it and we started to develop a trading platform for centralized exchanges. This was at the beginning of 2018 and pretty much that's how I arrived in crypto. Back then when the ICO craze arrived I started to be way more interested in the underlying technology of Blockchain, especially applied to Finance. After some research and consultation with our developers and techy advisors I gave up on the idea of making a basic trading platform and went all-in on the crypto sphere.

What we wanted to do

First, we had dreams and a vision, but from a technical and operational standpoint, we were lacking a “clear” plan. We were dreaming about an interoperable platform to access hundreds of financial services that did not really exist by this time. The blockchain ecosystem itself was “immature” and still very hard to access.

We planned to do one project with the premise of bringing blockchain technology to the masses. We had described a unified ecosystem in our plans, comprising of a wallet, meant to be a user-friendly gateway for the crypto world, to easily manage one’s portfolio and identity in order to access hundreds of services provided by Dapps, and an exchange, meant to provide access to all the financial markets, in both a centralized and semi-decentralized way.

By 2019, while the crypto market did not progress significantly, but blockchain applications and protocols did. Tokenless decentralized applications and protocols started to be mature enough to gain traction and drafted a new paradigm, the basis of a real decentralized financial ecosystem (DeFi). This ecosystem is growing larger every day, in terms of value, users, and applications; thanks to the composability of its different protocols.

A bunch of crazy and passionate developers are recreating the entire financial system and its complexity, on Ethereum: dex aggregator, futures and options on crypto, synthetic assets, insurance, lending, and borrowing, etc. And another bunch of crazier people is building new kinds of derivatives and unthinkable products (lottery without loss, gas-less DAI, etc.)

These folks are building protocols and applications built on top of that, combining protocols like pieces of lego bricks to create incredible products.

Both the Titan Network and Titan Exchange are such kind of applications, leveraging from other protocols, to provide a crazy user experience. But they pursue different goals, and target different users, yet compatible, but still…different.

The thesis which states: blockchain technology maybe not yet able to overrun traditional finance, instead it’s going to create a new financial paradigm” start to become a reality. A parallel financial system open to everyone is rising and already worth billions. Anyone who bet in 2017 and 18 can now brag about it over drinks and say: I told you so!

The Titan Network aims to be the Revolut of this new decentralized finance, and the Titan Exchange its Interactive Broker.

That is one of the reasons we have recently made the decision to separate them. Two different websites, branding, name, logo, etc.. are going to born from this scission.

Welcome to the Titan Network and the Titan Exchange.

Value proposition

Titan Exchange — a broker smart contract ecosystem that allows accessing any financial market.

Titan Exchange is both a protocol and an interface that allows anyone in the world to access any financial market from a cryptocurrency deposit and through a decentralized network of market makers. It will also allow anyone to become a market maker to participate in the network. The protocol will be governed by a DAO, whom TRT holders will be the participants. Eventually, the API allows anyone to build an interface on the top of it (we will also have our trading platform, Titan Trader, connected to the exchange).

Doing so, Titan Exchange finds its place in the DeFi movement as it allows to trade in a decentralized and non-custodial way on financial markets.

Building a protocol adds more value and more scalability and will aim at creating the largest broker in the world, without any customers, trading platform, support or sales team, etc.

But to trade on this protocol users will need access to cryptocurrency.

Titan Network — a wallet for managing all your digital assets from payments to lending, investing, gaming and so on.

Titan Network is the easiest gateway to decentralized finance and to crypto. It is a smart contract-based wallet that leverages from different technologies (ENS, meta-transaction, personal multi-signature wallet, synthetic assets, exchange aggregator, data encryption, data-locker, etc.) and different protocols (like UniversalLogin for keys and identity management, UMA for synthetic assets, Compound for lending, BZX for margin trading, etc.) The wallet also allows to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using fiat currencies to easily onboard newcomers.

Both projects will have a different user base (of course some of them will cross). The users of the exchange will be mainly traders (FX, Crypto, CFD). While the wallet can be used by different kinds of people who might be far from trading. But both aim to universalize and democratize the access to financial systems and opportunities, regardless of one's country, origins, and financial situation.

I hope this article sheds some light on what is going on with our project in the grand scheme of things and our overall vision for the future.

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