Opportumeety - the social platform for the social globalization

During his college years, The Founder takes the train on a weekly basis from his village to the city. First for the university, after for work.

For your public travels

This is how he met a social documentary producer with whom, as an Anthropology student, he had an interesting exchange.

When he was working in Senegal for an NGO, he came across another volunteer group in Dakar. As they both went separate ways, they couldn’t connect for more than 10 minutes. This interesting opportunity to have pursued a deeper potential collaboration was lost in the air.

Meetings with purpose

There are lots of places where despite the high number of people there is no social interaction, like stations and airports. Opportumeety was born to change it.

We make airports and stations the new Agora places to find global connections for cooperation, co-creation, exchange knowledge, share, generate new opportunities and build a better future.

We are here to offer valuable global human connections with a high purpose. We want to become the social networking platform for global citizens; which allows everyone to find the ones that compliment them at any given time around the world.  We replace the lack of interaction in mobility spaces by providing a social networking mobility platform. We believe in creating a more connected, shared and sustainable world. An opportunity to create human bonds while in movement, a platform for users to form valuable and genuine connections on a global scale.

Opportumeety allows sharing your event’s trips, connect with your communities around and by SDG in common to do face to face networking. Anything you want in stations, airports and in public transport, from business, leisure to relations.

It's the digital platform for social networking on the move working on the SDG#17.

For a meaningful social globalization.


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