Smart up your city, running Open Data with Artificial Intelligence and making a Citizen Basic Income

I’m Francesco Lentini, Founder at Eloisa Technologies. Apologize if I don't write my story, but I think the most important stories are still to be written because they concern the future, especially the future of our cities.

I’m here to present Eloisa Smart City Assistant, the conversational agent who knows everything about our city and provides 24/7 information, but the news is that anyone can provide information. The good news is that we - as citizens - make money just by telling stories!

Eloisa invites you to tell stories, then analyzes the content and inserts the contextual quote of a brand. Contextual means inserted in the right way during a “natural language human-machine conversation”, as the gurus of artificial intelligence say. Perfect marketing strategy, don’t you think?

Let me give you an example. You talk about lifestyle in a story like this: “I walk in the rain on an autumn evening, I look at the image reflected from the windows, and I find that I'm not that young anymore”. Then Eloisa will cite the brand Foreveryoung Boutique. Your Citizen Basic Income is increased with the money coming from the brand and this happens whenever Eloisa tells your story to someone.

Yes, you read that right. Anyone will have an income to live a decent life in a city of the future that will guarantee basic needs: housing, food, clothing, medical care, education.

Now I suggest you continue in the next post. In the meantime, you can make a conversation with our DUBAI Smart City Assistant.

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