The Story to Tell for successful Bridgeway Company startup applications

Start It.

Head straight to and apply if you plan to take your startup to the next level with the Bridgeway Company startups' 4-month accelerator programs in Belgrade.

We look forward to having more founders join #BridgewayCom strong :)

So...Create Your Story

  1. Have an Awesome Way to present your Business.

  2. Ask for recommendations. Reach out to the Bridgeway Company Network of Team members, Mentors, and Founders if you know any, because a recommendation can boost your application status. A recommendation from other founders help as well...

  3. Have a live product.The least you should have is a minimal viable product (MVP)...

  4. Have "relevant" traction to validate your business model. Make sure they are relevant i.e.make sure there are no vanity matrix types of traction mentioned ( For example a few million Facebook likes , or number of downloads of your mobile app are causes of automatic disqualification).

  5. Articulate your matrix clearly. Know how will you grow your business and make sure we understand that.

  6. Show Momentum in you traction. Preferably lots of traction, but some traction with a up graph will do the trick .. also try to stick to past tense while describing traction , no future tense)...

  7. Have a balanced cross-functional founders team: combination of technical skills, design talent, marketing/distribution know-how team members that previously worked together.

  8. Articulate a clear revenue model: Subscription, lead generation, transaction/SaaS, etc. Although we've had some exceptions, but at Bridgeway Company we are not a huge fan of ad-based, affiliate, or the "build it and they will come" revenue models.

  9. Present a capital-efficient business: We look for companies that can be operational with less than $1M in funding.

Most importantly , we urge you to apply as early as possible as batch applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

Most of the applications fell in the trap of coming in on the last few days, while the review process starts as soon as the application process is open.

If you want us to spend more time on your application, make sure you apply as soon as the applications for the next batch are open.

We are glad and really appreciate you are reading our post.

Bridgeway Company Startup Team

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