Sergio Tunno

Sergio Tunno is the founder and CEO of Fooz! - Retail and Supply Chain as a Service. As he says, his goal is to bring technology closer to the roots.

Before founding Fooz!, Sergio spent two years in Berlin, where he worked as a startup consultant, and head of customer success and business development at several SaaS and e-commerce companies.


Earlier, he spent almost 7 years at IBM, where he had the opportunity to manage Customer Satisfaction and Business Operations teams. This experience has enabled him to gain and hone valuable customer satisfaction and leadership skills, as he learned from the best in these fields. Sergio is particularly known for his curious, emotionally intelligent personality, and abilities to adapt to any situation.


His Fooz! idea was born from his personal experience. When he was a child, Sergio lived in a rural area in Southern Italy, with small farmers, and fresh produces every day. His very first seasonal job as a student helped him experience the life of a farmer. When his passion for excellent customer service and healthy, productive workplace environment, and desire to provide everyone with access to good-quality food at a fair price are put together, it is impossible to get anything else, but a successful business.

Naturally, this Diplomacy graduate loves food, travel, and different cultures.

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